Intro to DAMAS/HelMAS

The DEFENSE/DOMOPS AIRLIFT MODULAR APPROACH SHORING (DAMAS) and the HELICOPTER MODULAR  APPROACH SHORING (HelMAS) systems are revolutionizing the way military units load cargo into military cargo aircraft.  MilAirX LLC pioneered the modular aluminum approach shoring (loosely referred to as “Aircraft Loading Ramps”).  The DAMAS/HelMAS systems have performed flawlessly under strenuous conditions, supporting both combat operations and humanitarian operations throughout world.

5-leg DAMAS over C-130 (a)

The following PowerPoint presentation should help you understand the DAMAS system.
The quickest way to view is to “right-click”, “Save Target As”, load to you desktop, then open.

 Intro 2 DAMAS_HelMAS 2016

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